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Plot a Multiple Segment Flight Path with LeafletJS and OpenStreetMap

Recently, I got to play around with LeafletJS and OpenStreetMap when building an interactive flight path map Free World — an awesome travel community. Originally, we were only showing two data points, starting and ending coordinates. However, as our project morphed to support multi-segment journeys we needed our map to become more intelligent. Our goal … Continued

I Finally Managed to Deploy Ghost via Git to a Ubuntu Apache server

After many struggles and not-so-many “Aha” moments, I managed to get Ghost running on my Apache box. Here’s how I did it. Steps 1. Pull down the latest Ghost source on your dev machine. 2. Get Ghost fired up and running from terminal in your project’s directory: ~ $ npm install ~ $ npm start … Continued

Learn from a Community of Frequent Travelers

Over the past year, I’ve been working a new project called Free World with a great team of people. We’ve Learned, Award Booking is Hard The genesis of the idea stemmed from the challenges of booking award flights. My co-founder Jeff, a frequent business and world traveler, would often spend 4+ hours traversing various blogs … Continued

A Project of Failed Projects

Developers work on countless side projects over the course of their careers. Many of these are unfinished applications that were used to learn a new technology or skill. Others are concerted attempts to build interesting solutions, platforms and businesses. I would argue that a subset of these types of projects are legitimate business opportunities, they … Continued

I Copied and Pasted a Controller in IOS Storyboard and It Wrecked Me

Lately, I’ve been working on an iOS app that runs on both iPad and iPhone. In Xcode, each device has it’s own dedicated Storyboard, so throughout development, I typically copied changes from one Storyboard to the next. The Problem One day, I need to build a new screen complete with a table view. So, instead … Continued

The Internet is Full of Distraction, Let&#8217;s Lollygag

Quit lollygagging around and do something already. – me Procrastination is an epidemic and the scourge of our digital age. I’m sure our ancestors managed to waste time staring at clouds or building pyramidal shapes, but our modern tools of distraction really have added efficiencies of scale. From flash games to memes, to conspiracy theories … Continued

Review of Learning FuelPHP for Effective PHP Development

Disclaimer Packt Publishing did ask that I review this book. However, everything expressed in this post is in my own thoughts and opinions. Learning FuelPHP for Effective PHP Development by author and developer Ross Tweedie is really a comprehensive tutorial. It covers the basics of FuelPHP development, while walking you through how to use many … Continued

Your iOS App Moved to a New Timezone, Now What

Recently, I discovered the issue of timezones particularly when your iOS devices traverses across them. And, after a series of development-testing-iterative headaches, I now find myself more compelled to support a more simplified two-timezone approach for the states. Here was my problem: I built an app that queries for the “video of the day”, but … Continued