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Old Code is Bad Code

unless it works obviously…  and, I should probably clarify a bit more, badly-written code is bad code.  So, as usual, this title is entirely misleading.

The reason I bring this up, is that recently, a friend gently let me know that the commenting system on this very website was broken (at least partially — I was still able to collect massive amounts of spam).  And, when I tore open the hood to see what was going on, I had no idea who built that dang motor in the first place (to continue with the car analogy).  Literally, it looked like my evil twin hacked into subversion and wreaked havoc mercilessly.  So, why did I think this, having only written"in question" code six months prior?

The short answer is that the tech industry and specifically programming, seems to be recursively reinventing itself Ad infinitum. This cycle is baked into development so deep that if I went comatose for a year, I would wake up stunned in similar fashion to Brendan Fraser as Encino Man. 

The long answer is, that believe it or not, I did learn some new things in the past months, so many in fact, that my entire development outlook has iterated, once again. Gone are tightly coupled data and business layers replaced with conceptual frameworks such as Model-View-Controller (MVC) and the most-excellent Observer pattern.

These are some of the reasons why, when I fatefully opened up TextMate expecting to fix one XHR call, I instead unearthed pandora's box of maintenance programming.

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