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Welcome to Our Blog. First. Post. Ever.

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Let me welcome you to York Street Labs and specifically, to our blog.  And, in the spirit of transparency, let me also convey the following warning.

We are not writers.  When a non-writer, techy-person has writing on their mind, one, they naively believe that it's merely like learning a new programming language — syntax, syntax, syntax — and two, that their writings will transcend technical jargon into Neil Stephensen-esque literature.  In actuality, I'm guessing that stringing words together into sentences that read better than MSDN might be a challenge. 

With that said, our aim on this blog is two-fold.  Firstly, we will try not to regurgitate the same techno-babble strung across the internet, ad infinitum.  And secondly, we will attempt to give back to the technical community through "thoughtful" conversations about interweb development and other amusing topics. 

So, with our vision fully revealed, I hope you will have it your heart to give us a legitimate shot, before we curl up and return to the nerdery.

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