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A Project of Failed Projects

Developers work on countless side projects over the course of their careers. Many of these are unfinished applications that were used to learn a new technology or skill. Others are concerted attempts to build interesting solutions, platforms and businesses.

I would argue that a subset of these types of projects are legitimate business opportunities, they just lacked that special sauce, a business person, a growth hacker, or a new perspective. I feel there’s a wealth of technical debt that needs to be set free.

With this backstory in mind, I’m trying to gauge interest in a new project called matchsti.cc.


matchsti.cc intends to be a community of technologists who are willing to share their stories and particularly, the challenges they came across while building their products. Members will be able to engage project founders directly — initiating learning, sharing experiences, and possibly wiping the dust off software and combining efforts for something entirely new.

Here’s what I have for requirements so far:

  • Cataloging the project “experience” of a technologist.
  • Surfacing projects to other members via search, location, and technologies used.
  • Providing a discussion interface on each project “experience” page.

A Project “Experience” would answer:

  • How it originated?
  • Why it failed?
  • What we learned?
  • What technologies were used and why?
  • Meta data: Github source, completion percentage, production links, business structure, etc….

The Community could:

  • Find projects using compatible platforms and technologies, or based on founder’s location.
  • Combine efforts with founders to breathe life into products.

I would love feedback to see if the development community thinks this project is a valid undertaking. Also, if you could share with me any insights or thoughts on what a project “experience” should really capture.

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