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Learn from a Community of Frequent Travelers

Over the past year, I’ve been working a new project called Free World with a great team of people.

We’ve Learned, Award Booking is Hard

The genesis of the idea stemmed from the challenges of booking award flights. My co-founder Jeff, a frequent business and world traveler, would often spend 4+ hours traversing various blogs and other online tools trying to figure out how to travel best using points to a remote destination. He, being a very experienced travel hacker, at least knew what he was looking for while scouring the web. I, on the other hand, travel significantly less and have only used award points on simple-to-book domestic flights. Clearly there’s a gap in knowledge for beginner travelers like myself and still pain points for the more experienced.

Our Goal

Free World aims to be a web community focused on cataloging award travel experiences and educating members on how best to use their points. We originally built it as a simple search tool to see how many award points it would take to fly domestically or internationally from the US. However, as we slowly realized, there are so many intricacies and issues that award bookers learn which are really unique to each route and loyalty program. This is site hopes to aggregate those experiences so that the next award traveler will have some accurate information on how to book that particular segment.

Our short-term goal is to really listen to our beta users. We’re interested in our users’ thoughts on whether this project can provide value in the award booking process, and how to encourage them to contribute their experiences.

If you’re interested at all in the project or if you have any thoughts on how to help us build this community, please check out the website and shoot me your thoughts at bill.catlin@yorkstreetlabs.com.

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