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The Internet is Full of Distraction, Let&#8217;s Lollygag

Quit lollygagging around and do something already.

– me

Procrastination is an epidemic and the scourge of our digital age. I’m sure our ancestors managed to waste time staring at clouds or building pyramidal shapes, but our modern tools of distraction really have added efficiencies of scale. From flash games to memes, to conspiracy theories and funny LOL cats, the internet is the home of wastage.

Case in point, while writing this post, I’ve chatted with at least three friends, made a new Grooveshark playlist, and debated the merits of bagged Yerba Mate verses loose leaf. Clearly, I’m distracted by just about anything, and that’s why I needed a tool to solve part of the problem.

Lollygag Project

Enter Lollygag, a simple Google Chrome extension, and also my first open-source project, for your distraction-free usage. I setup my most commonly addictive sites, which typically satisfy one of three interests: soccer, coffee, and cats — although not necessarily in that order. Once I try to access any of those blocked sites, my browser redirects me to a daily inspirational quote unknowingly sponsored by Daily Inspirational Quotes. Ironically, that user experience is distracting as well, but at least I’m not itching the itch, or whatever they say.

What’s Next

Being an open source project, it would be amazing to get some help on both idea-generation and coding. We could easily build a quote aggregation utility and host the redirected inspirational verbiage ourselves. Or, if you’ve made it this far, might as well screw it and look at funny cats.

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