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Top 5 Denver Brogrammer Coffee Shops

Freelance programmers sometimes need to get out of the house and when they do, they need serious caffeine, food and a chill atmosphere. Here’s a quick list of my favorite cafes for doing just that:

5. Common Grounds

If you find yourself in downtown Denver and you can’t escape from a nightmare of Starbucks. First, realize that you’re not dreaming and second, find refuge off 17th & Wazee at Common Grounds.

Connectivity – 3 / 5

The webs here aren’t ripping but they don’t drop very often.

Coffee – 1 / 5

Coffee isn’t amazing. Several varieties of mostly dark roast blends.

Food – 3 / 5

I haven’t made it in for breakfast, but the afternoon baristas can make a solid sammy.

Ambiance – 5 / 5

It’s quiet, air-conditioned and spacious — and it’s not Starbucks.

4. St. Mark’s

Prime location next to its sister bar the Thin Man, St. Mark’s has solid food, and a spacious, if crowded atmosphere.

Connectivity – 2 / 5

Wireless drops more often than not.

Coffee – 2 / 5

Granted, I’ve only been here a handful of times, but the coffee experience hasn’t been overly memorable and the competition is tough.

Food – 4 / 5

Great grub, my favorite is the red pepper, gorgonzola sandwich.

Ambiance – 4 / 5

An open space decked out with Church paraphernalia. It will definitely crowd up in the afternoons and gets toasty during the summer.

3. Crema

Frequented by the fledging start-up elites and hipsters alike, located in the River North section of Denver. Killer coffee, solid food, and an interesting ambiance.

Connectivity – 2 / 5

Wireless is spotty at times.

Coffee – 5 / 5

$2 unlimited fresh press house cups and they continually roll in new roasts from guest roasters. Herkimer, Dogwood and of course Novo are consistently featured. The Baristas are incredibly knowledgable and Jay shreds snowboards, bikes and definitely is a closet brogrammer.

Food – 5 / 5

Homemade burritos and quiches. The quiche recipe changes daily and is always mind-shattering.

Ambiance – 3 / 5

It’s crack for the hipster scene. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of skinny jeans, ironic mustaches and denim vests.

2. Avianno

Although residing in the prissy Cherry Creek district of Denver, Avianno brings coffee nerdery to a new level. They specialize in Intelligentsia roasters from Chicago, IL and can prepare V60 pour-overs, espresso, and rowdy machiattos.

Connectivity – 3 / 5

Never had a problem, although it’s certainly not the fastest.

Coffee – 5 / 5

Amazing coffee, gets 2nd just for that.

Food – 2 / 5

Pastries, mainly.

Ambiance – 3 / 5

Trade hipsters for triple-wide strollers and hard to find laptop real estate during the morning rush.

1. Denver Bicycle Cafe

The newest and soon to be hippest programmer hotspot in town. In the lull before the hipster hurricane, DBC is the near perfect spot for a brogrammer.

Connectivity – 5 / 5

Fast, consistent webs.

Coffee – 5 / 5 +

Great coffee, french press bottomless house cups. Featuring local roasters Pablo’s, Novo and Corvus. DBC also has an ace up their sleeve, local craft beer and happy hour. Face-melting, I know.

Food – 4 / 5

Technically, DBC doesn’t serve any, but their policy is bring your own, which is equally awesome.

Ambiance – 5 / 5

Wide open space, always able to find a comfortable, roomy spot. And, when you need a break from the keyboard, talk to the in-house bike mechanic about your shifting problems.

DISCLAIMER, I don’t get to spend much time in the Baker district, so both “The Bardo” and “Happy Coffee” didn’t make this list and from what I hear, they’re both excellent spots.

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