Xout, a task tool for freelancers


One fateful morning, my freelance copy writing friend Chris was explaining how his unique paper system for the day's tasks operated. Simply, he attempts to complete three tasks daily. Any more than that is icing on the cake.

I then asked, why didn't he use some sort of app to do exactly that. He replied that no such app existed to his knowledge. So, we put our minds together and threw together a simple Chrome Extension app called Xout.

What is it, exactly

Our concept is that your tasks fit into one growing and shrinking list. A small subset of that list is relevant to today. We call those tasks focus tasks, and we constrain them to three, at the moment. Of course, those tasks can be interchanged at any time for other backlogged tasks if any roadblocks occur.

Tasks can be further segmented by hashtags. For instance, I will group together tasks for a particular client or project by a hashtag. Saved hashtags are prominently featured in the navigation bar, so you can view all the tasks relevant to that tag. Since this is our early beta (alpha) release, we aren't doing cool things yet like autocompleting hashes or showing graphs by hash yet.

Because our motif for this whole project was simplicity, we decided that the app should run when you open up a new tab in Google Chrome. This way, your tasks are easily accessible and it serves as a helpful reminder to get back to work when the urge to Facebook inevitably distracts you. In the same vein of simplicity, there's no need for signing in, logging in or doing anything other than tracking your tasks. Perhaps in the future, you'll be able to manage your tasks across all your devices, but we'll take it slow.

We would love to hear your feedback

This is our first beta release so there are going to bugs and functionality that won't make much sense. If you have a couple minutes to play around with the tool, you can find that download link below:

Download the Xout app from the Google Chrome Extensions store.

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